This program offers students the opportunity to experience and to investigate how architecture design can contribute to the development of sustainable design in a remote village. The integrative approach combines ideas on off-grid and sustainable strategies using local materials with appropriate implementation of technologies. This strategy will be executed through a review of environmental problems arising from the existing condition of Dusun Cisoka. The solution of the environmental problems can be solved by the development and establishment of infrastructure management system that create an independent and sustainable rural environment.


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The Construction of Retention Pond (Balong)

Balong is a retention pond that use to store the clean water and placed in several spots with a certain distance to support household clean water supply around the area near the balong.

The Construction of Water Pipeline

The water pipeline system from the main reservoir will be channeled through several spots of clean retention pond (balong), then it will be distributed to several houses within a certain distance using an integrated system that is easy to operate.



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